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How to stay embodied in your spiritual practice without dissociating

February 7, 2022

One of the ways that the new-age industry participates in the hate economy is through the politics of dissociated spirituality. 

Dissociated spirituality is strategic for the hate economy to hold power over us. Simply put, it’s a “divide and conquer” approach aimed to fragment & hijack our consciousness. The more dissociated we are, the more disempowered we are towards anyone and anything that tries to sell us shit. Hence why the spiritual materialism sector of new-age is booming.

A big part of sacred activism is reclaiming the parts of our consciousness that have been severed off and used against us without our conscious awareness or consent. To use without consent constitutes abuse. Spiritual abuse is rampant in new-age because the industry thrives within a systematic structure of domination, coercion, and control. By dissociating, we conform to the needs of this structure. 

How do we deepen our relationship with spirituality, especially those teachings that tend to be misunderstood and manipulated by new-age, without dissociating? 

We explore this central question in  this foundational episode on the psycho-spiritual mechanisms of dissociation, how it relates to trauma, specific strategies the new-age industry uses to capitalize on our vulnerabilities/trauma, and some self-inquiry questions to guide your wholesome spiritual practice.


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Further reading: Coping with Trauma-Related Dissociation: Skills Training for Patients and Therapists by Kathy Steele, Onno van der Hart, and Suzette Boon. Dissociation work should be done with a licensed trauma-informed therapist. 

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