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How to discern Truth v.s. Beliefs v.s. Opinion for reality-testing

July 8, 2022

In cult deprogramming work, it's important to learn the skill of reality-testing your truth v.s. your beliefs v.s. your opinions so you can DISCERN reality from illusion (which is the whole point of Awakening). 

In this episode, I provide a framework for critically examining our thoughts from a nondualism and scientific perspective. This is episode will add value to anyone who is interested in developing critical thinking + media literacy skills. Enjoy!

Topics covered:

  • How new-age spirituality has co-opted the concept of "Truth" to become a buzzword (and why it has created so much confusion and misunderstanding).
  • Understanding Truth through the Hindu teaching of sat-chit-ananda (truth-consciousness-bliss)
  • The Paradox of Truth
  • The psychoenergetic mechanisms of how truth becomes a belief, becomes an opinion 
  • Understanding first-order and second-order reality 
  • What are beliefs and why they are meaningful, but not valid? 
  • What are opinions and what makes them right/wrong. 
  • The importance of falsifiability in reality-testing (understanding the unfalsifiability bias) 
  • Self-inquiry questions for reality-testing to practice 


  1. Sat-chit-ananda
  2. First-order and second-order reality discourse by Hareesh

Theme song credits: Laff- Said Mrad & Dany El Helou


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